Hospital and Jamkesda

February 6, 2013


so, now i have a good topic to talk about. it just happened today and quite interesting to discuss. so today my friend came late because her best friend got bronchitis and you know, smoking cigarette is common causing this illness. so in the midnight she helped her friend to find the hospital that has empty room. at first attempt to find the hospital, they got a difficulty because her friend was using “Jamkesda”. “why hospital compound patients don’t have enough money and have jamkesda? whereas the local government re-launched (CMIIW about who re-launched this program) this program to help poor society?” well, i was thinking about this problem as well and got enlightening.


yeah, at first it was shocking me. even rich society has JAMKESDA. i have no idea how they can get it. and maybe because of this condition, hospital compound the “JAMKESDA SOCIETY” and preface the “PAYER SOCIETY” even the patient of “JAMKESDA SOCIETY” was dying. “PAYER SOCIETY” first.

so, who will be blamed of this wreck situation?

source picture : http://dinkes.balangankab.go.id


Indonesia Pernah Ikut Piala Dunia 1938

June 11, 2010

Indonesia Pernah Ikut Piala Dunia 1938.


Have You Ever…

March 26, 2010

well, a few days ago, i was learning ’bout question words start with “Have You Ever”. and suddenly i’ve got something around words “have you ever”. it can use to ruminate yourself with a several question starts with “Have You Ever”.

ok, let’s start. just answer it by yourself.

1. Have you ever said “Life Is Unfair” or “Why me?” when you were getting a success? or good fortune was coming to you?

2. Have you ever prayed to God with a long time when you’ve got a success moment?

3. Have you ever taken about 15 minutes for each day to talk with God only?

4. Have you ever cried and felt so sorry to your parents when you have broken their heart?

5.(last but not least.)  Have you ever chosen your parents instead of your friends for your Saturday Night?

just be honest with yourself. 😀



Peek a “sidang” :p

January 30, 2010

hahahahaha, well, i have no idea to name that word, “sidang”. is it correct if i name it “meeting or assembly”? :haha

today i was watching that meeting, there was 3 groups and waste a lot of time to watch all of them. each group spent almost 1.15 hour to presentation their thesis and after that each group have to test their knowledge around their thesis and their major.

and this is the formula, as much as you answer the questions, as good as you get the score.

btw, before i end this today’s story, i will give you something info. hope this is useful for you (esp for you who is being prepare your “sidang”).

first, please don’t be a stubborn person. okay, you can argue if you’re right. but don’t extreme.

second one is, respect to faculty examiners “dosen penguji”.

third one is, be confident, you don’t have to “grogi” if you have prepared anything.

and the last one (but not least!), pray to God! (usually i make Sign of The Cross or i pray Our Father) 😀

ok, guys! good luck for all of us!

let’s make it perfect! Ad Maiorem Dei Gloriam! 😀

GBU! 😀


Love This Phone So Much :D

January 29, 2010

guess what! what phone i would like to talk about? :p

no! it is not blackberry, or iphone. i don’t have enough money to buy one of that stuff. in addition, i don’t interest with that phone.

you know, the 1st thing that must have in my phone is MusCam. yup Music and Camera. they are united so it can’t separated.

and the other one is that phone must be classical view. yup! i don’t like phone that have a lot of c color or brightly phone.

well, you know what phone that i talking about?

yes! K800i! although i bought over 1 1/2 years ago, (i bought on 16 august 2008), but i still love this phone. i can use it when i feel boring, use for my hobby (taking picture. :D), and online. i think this phone is one of the best in its era.

take a look my friends,


1st Posting :D

January 28, 2010

well, i’m not good to introduce something, include myself.

so, this is it! this is my 1st blog. (congrats ben2! :D)

it was quite confusing me when i was entering main page. there are many functional links like “my dashboard” (is this a car? :p), “tag surfer” (we’re not in beach?!), “follow this blog” (such following me or who?), “add to blogroll”, etc.

is anybody help to guide me for make this blog become useful stuff for me and for all of you. 😀

best regards,

benjret :p


Hello world!

January 28, 2010

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